Class WebsitePaymentsPro


Website Payments Pro Operations Factory

The purpose of this class is to provide a way of selecting any operation object from just a single source. It also intializes the soapClient and soapHeaders that are going to be used for any of the operations.

Located in /paypal_base.php (line 441)

Method Summary
 void prepare (string $Username, string $Password, string $Signature, [string $Subject = ''])
 mixed selectOperation (string $operation)
prepare (line 456)

Prepares the System for an Operation call

This is when the SoapClient and SoapHeader static objects are actually created.

  • access: public
  • uses: PaypalRegistrar::registerSoapHeader()
  • uses: PaypalRegistrar::registerSoapClient()
void prepare (string $Username, string $Password, string $Signature, [string $Subject = ''])
  • string $Username: The API user name
  • string $Password: The password for the API call. Different from account password
  • string $Signature: The signature for the 3-token authentication
  • string $Subject: The person on whose behalf the operation is made
selectOperation (line 475)

WebSite Payments Pro Operations Factory

The name of the operation is passed to this method so that it will return the right object to do the job. It is not case sensitive, so you do not have to worry about the case of the letters when passing the operation name to the method.

  • return: The Operation you wish to call
  • access: public
mixed selectOperation (string $operation)
  • string $operation: This is case insensitive

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