Paypal Base Files

This file contains very important classes and interfaces that are going to be used in this program

  • interface OperationsTemplate
  • abstract class PaypalAPI
  • static class PaypalBase
  • final class PaypalRegistrar
  • final class WebsitePaymentsPro
phpPaypalPro currently supports 4 major operations available for the Website Payments Pro SOAP API namely:

(a) DoDirectPayment (b) SetExpressCheckout (c) GetExpressCheckoutDetails (d) DoExpressCheckoutPayment

Please be on the lookout as more operations are scheduled to be added in the immediate future.

Class Description
 class PaypalBase Paypal Base Class
Abstract class PaypalAPI Abstract Class for Paypal API Core Methods
 class PayPalRegistrar Paypal Registrar
 class WebsitePaymentsPro Website Payments Pro Operations Factory
 require_once ('') (line 45)

Contains Configuration Data

Things like the API version, connection timeouts etc are registered in this module.

 require_once ('paypal_types.php') (line 37)

Contains Webservice Data Types

All the data types used by this program is prepared by a class called PaypalTypes in this file.

execute (line 252)

Calls the Paypal Web Service

This method prepares the final message for the operation, puts it in the right format and then invokes the __soapCall method from the static soapClient. The name of the operation, the message, and the input headers are passed to the __soapCall() method

void execute ()
success (line 262)

Tells us if the Operation was Successful

If the operation was successful, this method will return true, otherwise it will return false

bool success ()

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