Class PaypalBase


Paypal Base Class

This class contains important variables that are going to be used throughout the entire system.

Located in /paypal_base.php (line 58)

Method Summary
 static soapFault getAPIException ()
 static mixed getAPIResponse ()
 static bool getOperationStatus ()
 static SoapClient getSoapClient ()
 static SoapHeader getSoapHeader ()
 static void setApiResponse (mixed $apiResponse)
 static void setAPISoapFault (soapFault $apiSoapException)
 static void setOperationStatus (bool $status)
 static void setSoapClient (soapClient $soapClient)
 static void setSoapHeader (SoapHeader $soapHeader)
static getAPIException (line 209)

Returns the Exception object that was thrown

  • access: public
soapFault getAPIException ()
static getAPIResponse (line 197)

Returns the last API Response

This method returns the last response from the paypal webservice.

  • access: public
mixed getAPIResponse ()
static getOperationStatus (line 224)

Returns the Last Operation Status

It returns true if the last operation was a success and false if it was not.

  • access: public
bool getOperationStatus ()
static getSoapClient (line 171)

Returns the Soap Client

  • access: public
SoapClient getSoapClient ()
static getSoapHeader (line 183)

Returns the Soap Header

  • access: public
SoapHeader getSoapHeader ()
static setApiResponse (line 133)

Sets API response from Webservice

  • access: public
void setApiResponse (mixed $apiResponse)
  • mixed $apiResponse
static setAPISoapFault (line 145)

Registers the Exception that was thrown

  • access: public
void setAPISoapFault (soapFault $apiSoapException)
  • soapFault $apiSoapException
static setOperationStatus (line 159)

Sets the Last Operation Status

This tells us whether or not the last operation was a success.

  • access: public
void setOperationStatus (bool $status)
  • bool $status
static setSoapClient (line 109)

Sets the Value of the soapClient Attribute

  • access: public
void setSoapClient (soapClient $soapClient)
  • soapClient $soapClient
static setSoapHeader (line 121)

Sets the Value of the SoapHeader

  • access: public
void setSoapHeader (SoapHeader $soapHeader)
  • SoapHeader $soapHeader

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