Class PayPalRegistrar


Paypal Registrar

The purpose of this class is to create SoapClients and SoapHeaders just before each operation is carried out.

Located in /paypal_base.php (line 377)

Method Summary
 static void registerSoapClient ()
 static void registerSoapHeader (string $Username, string $Password, string $Signature, [string $Subject = ''])
static registerSoapClient (line 397)

Creates the Static SoapClient

The soap_version element is used to indicate whether you are using SOAP 1.1 or SOAP 1.2 The exceptions option is a boolean value defining whether soap errors throw exceptions of type SoapFault.

Setting the boolean trace option enables use of the methods SoapClient->__getLastRequest, SoapClient->__getLastRequestHeaders, SoapClient->__getLastResponse and SoapClient->__getLastResponseHeaders

The trace option is necessary if you will need to use the SoapClient->__getLastRequest() or SoapClient->__getLastReponse() methods later for debugging purposes. The connection_timeout option defines a timeout in seconds for the connection to the SOAP service. I have set it to 10 minutes.

If for any reason you believe you software is going to take longer than usually, please feel free to adjust the maximum_execution_time value either during runtime or in the php.ini configuration file.

  • access: public
void registerSoapClient ()
static registerSoapHeader (line 417)

Creates the static SoapHeader

This is the Custom Security Header passed to paypal.

The username here is not the same as you account username and so is the password. The subject is the payment on whose behalf you have been authorized to make the operation call.

void registerSoapHeader (string $Username, string $Password, string $Signature, [string $Subject = ''])
  • string $Username
  • string $Password
  • string $Signature
  • string $Subject

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