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phpPaypalPro is an object-oriented framework developed in PHP5 to integrate easily with the Website Payments Pro SOAP 1.1 API from Paypal. The framework is very easy to deploy, allowing you to execute any of the operations in just a few lines. It deploys the built-in SOAP extension available natively in PHP5 to interact with the SoapServer from Paypal.

It is one of the first, if not the only publicly-available framework developed for the Website Payments Pro SOAP API using PHP5's native SOAP extension and it supported by One of the key features of phpPaypalPro is that it allows you to add multiple items easily when performing the DoDirectPayment and DoExpressCheckoutPayment operations and your can also use it to search for Transactions and also get details for any transaction you wish.

The framework has been very succesful since its inception. Within its first week of release, phpPaypalPro rose to the top 1 percent of all projects listed on sourceforge in less than 4 days of release. The rankings are expected to get better and better as the framework gains popularity among Paypal Developers using PHP5

It was released under the revised BSD License and its 100% FREE and I would love to seize this oppurtunity to thank SourceForge for providing the hosting and support for this project. This went a long way in ensuring that this project is available for the public around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to simplify the process of integration, the authentication process between the SoapClient and SoapServer uses only the 3-token authentication which are the Username, Password and Signature. The use of the certificate provided by Paypal is no longer a part of the package as it made it unnecessarily difficult for certain users to use it. In the current version, all you need from Paypal for your authentication process is your Username, Password and Signature. If you are making payment on behalf of another person who has authorized you to do so then you can pass the Subject as part of the authentication information.

Current operations supported in version 0.2.0 includes:


Documentation for the software is available here
README FILE for phpPaypalPro

The Source files can be downloaded from

A simplified examples page for all the Operations are available on this page

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